Gideon Kimbrell

Gideon Kimbrel

Gideon Kimbrell is the co-founder and president of, an online counseling site with over 40,000 members. Gideon Kimbrell's site provides care to guests with the help of licensed psychologists having at minimum a PhD education.

Gideon has an education in software engineering, and his mother is a licensed therapist in Montana. He is keenly aware of the needs of the masses online, their inability to find help, and understands the social and therapeutic needs of communities.

Gideon Kimbrell started in 2009 with the help of a licensed therapist in Florida. The site soon required constant attention given how quickly Internet visitors were frequenting the site. Since this was too time consuming for the other co-founders, Gideon Kimbrell took over the responsibilities as he wanted to continue care for the community. He now operates the site with the assistance of contract staff. The site offers free forums, paid chat/messages to licensed therapists, and Gideon is working on a mobile application for My Therapy Couch.

Gideon Kimbrell hopes that one day My Therapy Couch will be turned to by those in need of help who are unable to find it elsewhere. He sees how online therapy makes help easier to those who couldn't get it before, through the use of free forums and support groups, and he also sees opportunities to enable a non-profit division focused on underage clients seeking help, a greatly underserved demographic in dire need of professional licensed and confidential help.